Learn more about LKC products, including the RETeval® device by viewing the videos below. Whether used for research or clinical use, the RETeval and RETevet devices are transforming the visual electrophysiology field.

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Overview of the RETeval device capabilities as related to research by Dr. Quentin Davis (19 min.)

Overview Demo of the RETeval device for human use (2 min.)

Dr. Omar Mahroo – Studies in the TwinsUK cohort on heritability, preliminary studies on Birdshot iveitis, Autism spectrum disorder, and ABCA4 retinopathy (Stargardt) (20 min. + Q&A)

Dr. Steven Silverstein – Flash Electroretinogram (fERG) Findings in Schizophrenia (21 min. + Q&A)

Dr. Randy Kardon – Reduction of the Photopic Negative Response of Retinal Ganglion Cells in Optic Neuropathy: Assessment Using a New Portable Handheld Device (16 min. + Q&A)

Overview Demo of RETeval device for humans and animal testing (2 min.)

Demo of RETevet device in use at veterinary practice (3 min.)

Demo showcasing RETeval device in use for pediatric testing (2 min.)