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   UTAS with SunBurst™

This revolutionary product will provide you with everything you need for any type of electroretinogram, visual evoked potential, or electro-oculogram. The ultra-bright ganzfeld – capable of over 15,000,000 different colors – will allow you to perform ERGs you never imagined possible including on-off, double flash, photopic negative response, scotopic threshold response, and s-cone ERGs. Amplification with our digital biomedical amplifiers allows faithful reproduction of every nuance of your recordings.

Design Features
  • The world's brightest and most capable ganzfeld
  • Ultra low-noise digital amplifiers
  • Built-in ERG normative data, or use your own
Key Specifications
  • Flash stimuli from -50 dB to +11 dB in any color
  • Total flash range from -75 dB to +30 dB in 1 dB steps
  • Background luminance 0.005 to 4000 cd/m² in any color
  • ISCEV Standard ERG / EOG / VEP
  • Double flash, On/Off, S-Cone, photopic negative response, scotopic threshold response ERGs
  • SunBurst™ Color LED Ganzfeld
    • Lightest, brightest, most capable
  • UBA-4204 Digital Biomedical Amplifier
  • Multifocal ERG - Multifocal VEP option utilizing long m-sequences
  • Dark adaptometry option
  • Compatible with legacy LKC data. Migrate data from your previous LKC system.
  • GLP (21CFR11) Compliance Pack option
  • Color or white-only mini-ganzfeld option
  • CE and MET (UL equivalent) certified

SunBurst Ganzfeld

Easy to Use
  • Small and lightweight – 13.5” W x 10.5” D x 8” H (34.3 cm x 26.7 cm x 20.3 cm), 6.5 lbs (2.9 kg)
  • Ergonomic mounting arm provides easy and comfortable adjustment to any patient. Quick mount feature and built-in grips for easy positioning over supine patient.
  • Infrared fixation camera allows simple visualization of fixation and electrode placement.
  • Cleanable interior
  • Dim red illumination to assist during electrode placement.
Clinical Capabilities
  • SunBurst can produce all ISCEV standard stimuli, PLUS Double Flash ERG; On/Off Response ERG; S-Cone ERG; Chromatic backgrounds and stimuli (e.g., photopic negative response); Scotopic Threshold Response ERG.
  • Latencies and amplitudes of ISCEV standard ERGs match results from legacy LKC products. No need for new normative data.
  • 9 red EOG fixation LEDs in ±15° horizontally. Brightness adjustable over 20 dB range in 256 steps.
And Beyond
  • Uses Red (627 nm), Green (530 nm), Blue (470 nm), Amber (590 nm) and white LEDs and Xenon flash.
    • Dynamic flash luminance range of 105 dB (+30 dB to -75 dB) in 1 dB steps.
    • Xenon flash luminance of 2.5 – 2500 cd⋅s/m² (0 dB to +30 dB).
    • LED flash luminance of 2.5 ⋅ 10-5 – 31 cd⋅s/m² (-50 dB to +11 dB) in any arbitrary color.
      LED flash luminance of -75 dB to 18 dB in white.
    • Flash duration <5 ms.
    • Background light from 0.005 to 4000 cd/m² in 0.01 dB increments in any color;
      In white as low as 10-6 cd/m²
  • Easy verification of calibration
  • Flicker stimuli to +15 dB; 1 Hz repetition rate for intensities > +15 dB
  • Long duration flash (On/Off response) stimuli programmable to 6.5 seconds in 5 ms increments, adjustable intensity and chromaticity.
  • Fully isolated Trigger In and Trigger Out signals for interfacing to other equipment

UBA-4204 Amplifier

Communication:   Fully isolated fiber optic connection over 2 meter cable
Input Type: 4 channel differential with > 10 MΩ impedance
Connector Type: 1.5 mm Male DIN safety electrode connections
Noise: < 1 μV rms @ 2000 Hz sampling rate, 10 kΩ input
CMRR: > 110 dB at 50-60 Hz
Frequency Range:  DC or AC coupled options
Input Gain: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 (user selectable)
Data Resolution: 3.7 nV / bit (Gain = 64) to 250 nV / bit (Gain = 1)
Input Range: ± 2 V (Gain = 1)
Stability: < 250 nV / °C drift
Accuracy: ± 2%
Sampling Rate: 500 Hz to 3750 Hz
Filters: High cut and low cut filters implemented in application software
Safety: No wires (fiber optics only) means no leakage currents!
Power Source: Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery provides up to 12 hours continuous use per charge
Recharge Time: 4 hours to 80% capacity, 8 hours to 100% - Charger included
Size: 5¾" x 3¼" x 1" (14.6 cm x 8.3 cm x 2.5 cm)
Weight: 8 oz. (225 g), including battery

All specifications subject to change.

Resources (PDF):
UTAS + Sunburst brochure
MFERG/MFVEP brochure
UTAS user manual
UTAS service manual

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