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   Electrodes & Supplies

ERG Active Electrodes
ERG-Jet Electrodes (95-011)
Disposable mono-polar contact lens electrode. Reduced possibility of nosocomial eye infections. Gold foil electrode on poly (methylmethacrylate) with lead wire. Single (adult) size only. Sold individually or as a box of 50.
DTL Plus Electrodes (95-003)
Disposable, mono-polar Silver-Nylon thread electrode with adhesive fasteners.  Ideal for situations where comfort is a factor.  Requires extension cable.
DTL Electrode Extension Cable (95-028)
Reusable cable. Extends from DTL Plus Electrodes to Patient Electrode Cable.
Animal Contact Electrodes
Mouse ERG Electrodes. Delivery time approximately 4 weeks.

EOG Active Electrodes
Gold Conductor Electrodes (95-069)
Reusable mono-polar electrode. Use with electrode washers and electrode gel.

VEP Active Electrodes
Gold-Plated Cup, 10 mm Electrodes (24" [95-018] or 48" [95-019])
Mono-polar, gold-cup scalp electrode with 2 mm center hole for VER/VEP recording. Use with electrode cream.

ERG/VEP Reference Electrodes
ECG Disposable Electrodes (95-005)
Disposable silver-silver chloride electrodes. Pre-gelled, self-adhesive electrodes for forehead reference in ERG and VEP recordings. Requires Ground Reference Lead.
Ground Reference Lead (95-014)
Reusable lead. Clips to nub on ECG Disposable Electrode and extends to patient cable.

Ground Electrodes
Ear Clip Electrodes (95-004)
Reusable electrode. Two 10 mm diameter gold-plated cup electrodes in clip assembly. Use with electrode gel.

Channel Mouse/Rat Manipulator Channel Mouse/Rat Manipulator
Available for one channel (Manip1) and two channel (95-048) recording
Animal Temperature Controller   Animal Temperature Controller (92-071)
ATC1000 is a low noise heating system for maintaining animal body temperature during experimental procedures. The DC heater is extremely quiet in terms of electromagnetic radiation.
View the brochure.
2-Channel Patient Cable (91-021)
Two channels; connects from EPIC interface to electrodes.
4-Channel Patient Cable (91-133)
Four channels; connects from UTAS interface to electrodes.
Needle Electrodes (95-016)
Disposable, pre-sterilized 12mm (1/2 inch) x 29 gauge needle electrodes for animal testing. Sold as a package of 25 electrodes.
Male-Male Electrode Safety Adapter (95-015)
Connects female electrode pin into female pin on Patient Electrode Cable.
1 to 2 Electrode Splitter (95-001)
Splits one electrode connection for use in two channels.
1 to 3 Electrode Splitter (95-001A)
Splits one electrode connection for use in three channels.
Jumper Cable (91-171)
Shorts unused channels on Patient Electrode Cable.
Electrode Washers (95-009)
Used to attach EOG Active Electrodes to skin. Sold as a package of 100 washers.


Skin Cleanser (95-017)
Alcohol pad with a mild abrasive for cleaning the skin before attaching electrodes. Sold as a box of 100 pads.


Electrode Gel (95-007)
For use with EOG Active and Ear Clip Electrodes. Sold as 8 oz. tube.


Electrode Cream (95-006)
For use with VEP Active Electrodes. Sold as 3.5 oz. tube.


Thermal Printer Paper (60-008)
Additional printing paper for applicable EPIC-2000 series systems. Sold as roll.


Dark Room Light Bulb (22-052)
Incandecent "dim red" bulb allows tester to see without light-adapting patient. Fits into any standard desk lamp.


Filter Frame (81-107)
Fits Kodak Wratten-Gelatin Filters for use in Ganzfeld.


Red Kodak Wratten-Gelatin Filter (81-191)
#25 with frame


Blue Kodak Wratten-Gelatin Filter (81-192)
#47B with frame


Neutral Density Kodak Wratten-Gelatin Filter (specify size)
with frame


Calibration Box
UTAS-E3000, EPIC 3000, EPIC 4000 (92-026)
UTAS-E4000, UTAS (92-059)


Chin Rest Paper (95-002)

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