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   Electrodes & Supplies

ERG Active Electrodes
RETeval™ Sensor strips (95-068)
Sold in boxes of 50 pairs. Disposable, skin contact, self-adhering electrode arrays. Ideal when comfort and convenience are factors. Requires one 91-201 Sensor strip to DIN cable. To test both eyes simultaneously use two 91-201 cables. Use LKC Vee cable (part number 91-202) to connect both green connectors to the instrument's common/ground/right leg drive position.
See a photo of the connection. View the package insert.
ERG-Jet Electrodes (95-011)
Disposable mono-polar contact lens electrode. Reduced possibility of nosocomial eye infections. Gold foil electrode on poly (methylmethacrylate) with lead wire. Single (adult) size only. Sold individually or as a box of 50.
DTL Plus Electrodes (95-003)
Disposable, mono-polar Silver-Nylon thread electrode with adhesive fasteners.  Ideal for situations where comfort is a factor.  Requires extension cable.
DTL Electrode Extension Cable (95-028)
Reusable cable. Extends from DTL Plus Electrodes to Patient Electrode Cable.
Animal Contact Electrodes
Mouse ERG Electrodes. Delivery time approximately 4 weeks.

EOG Active Electrodes
Gold Conductor Electrodes (95-069)
Reusable mono-polar electrode. Use with electrode washers and electrode gel.

VEP Active Electrodes
Gold-Plated Cup, 10 mm Electrodes (24" [95-018] or 48" [95-019])
Mono-polar, gold-cup scalp electrode with 2 mm center hole for VER/VEP recording. Use with electrode cream.

ERG/VEP Reference Electrodes
ECG Disposable Electrodes (95-005)
Disposable silver-silver chloride electrodes. Pre-gelled, self-adhesive electrodes for forehead reference in ERG and VEP recordings. Requires Ground Reference Lead.
Ground Reference Lead (95-014)
Reusable lead. Clips to nub on ECG Disposable Electrode and extends to patient cable.

Ground Electrodes
Ear Clip Electrodes (95-004)
Reusable electrode. Two 10 mm diameter gold-plated cup electrodes in clip assembly. Use with electrode gel.

Channel Mouse/Rat Manipulator Channel Mouse/Rat Manipulator
Available for one channel (Manip1) and two channel (95-048) recording
Animal Temperature Controller   Animal Temperature Controller (92-071)
ATC2000 is a low noise heating system for maintaining animal body temperature during experimental procedures. The DC heater is extremely quiet in terms of electromagnetic radiation.
View the brochure.
Sensor strip to DIN cable   Sensor strip to DIN cable (91-201)
Use to connect RETeval Sensor strips (95-068) to your non-RETeval devices. View the RETeval Sensor strip package insert for wiring instructions.
RETeval Adapter Cable for DIN Electrodes   RETeval Adapter Cable for DIN Electrodes (91-194)
This cable enables use of any type of DIN safety electrode with a RETeval device. The use of non-sensor strip electrodes is only available with the RETeval Complete option.
Vee cable   Vee cable (91-202)
Two male to 1 female splitter.
2-Channel Patient Cable (91-021)
Two channels; connects from EPIC interface to electrodes.
4-Channel Patient Cable (91-133)
Four channels; connects from UTAS interface to electrodes.
Needle Electrodes (95-016)
Disposable, pre-sterilized 12mm (1/2 inch) x 29 gauge needle electrodes for animal testing. Sold as a package of 25 electrodes.
Male-Male Electrode Safety Adapter (95-015)
Connects female electrode pin into female pin on Patient Electrode Cable.
1 to 2 Electrode Splitter (95-001)
Splits one electrode connection for use in two channels.
1 to 3 Electrode Splitter (95-001A)
Splits one electrode connection for use in three channels.
Jumper Cable (91-171)
Shorts unused channels on Patient Electrode Cable.
Electrode Washers (95-009)
Used to attach EOG Active Electrodes to skin. Sold as a package of 100 washers.


Skin Cleanser (95-017)
Alcohol pad with a mild abrasive for cleaning the skin before attaching electrodes. Sold as a box of 100 pads.


Electrode Gel (95-007)
For use with EOG Active and Ear Clip Electrodes. Sold as 8 oz. tube.


Electrode Cream (95-006)
For use with VEP Active Electrodes. Sold as 3.5 oz. tube.


Thermal Printer Paper (60-008)
Additional printing paper for applicable EPIC-2000 series systems. Sold as roll.


Dark Room Light Bulb (22-052)
Incandecent "dim red" bulb allows tester to see without light-adapting patient. Fits into any standard desk lamp.
Not RoHS compliant


Filter Frame (81-107)
Fits Kodak Wratten-Gelatin Filters for use in Ganzfeld.


Red Kodak Wratten-Gelatin Filter (81-191)
#25 with frame


Blue Kodak Wratten-Gelatin Filter (81-192)
#47B with frame


Neutral Density Kodak Wratten-Gelatin Filter (specify size)
with frame


Calibration Box
UTAS-E3000, EPIC 3000, EPIC 4000 (92-026)
UTAS-E4000, UTAS (92-059)


Chin Rest Paper (95-002)

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