GAITHERSBURG, Md.April 22, 2015 – RETeval – DR™, a Welch Allyn device manufactured by LKC Technologies, Inc., is exclusively available outside of the United States through Welch Allyn.  This innovative device is designed to assess people with diabetes for sight threatening diabetic retinopathy (DR) wherever they meet their care. Clinical trials validated RETeval – DR as a fast, efficient, cost effective and easy-to-use device whose performance compares well to the gold standard in the screening of people with diabetes for eye disease with a technical failure rate of less than 1%.

LKC will exclusively provide all RETeval options within the United States (pending FDA approval). RETeval Completethe complete ISCEV compliant protocol version, is now available outside of the United States exclusively from LKC and its distribution partners.

RETeval is the world’s first non-mydriatic, non-invasive hand-held, full function ISCEV protocol-compliant visual electrophysiology device performing both flash Electroretinogram (ERG) and flash visual evoked potential (VEP) testing using skin or corneal electrodes. A device so unique it is patented.

Jim Datovech, LKC President, commented, “We believe that RETeval Complete will bring about an accessibilityparadigm shift by enabling functional testing for acquired and inherited retinal eye diseases to be both cost effective and widely accessible to better meet the needs of ophthalmologists, optometrists, and hospitals and the patients that they serve.”

He further explained, “RETeval Complete is completely portable and will be useful to assist in the diagnosis of diseases that are currently detected with much larger ERG/VEP equipment that is not always readily available to those patients in need of such testing, including infant, pediatric and adult patient populations.  By placing RETeval in the hands of more healthcare professionals around the world, better access and availability for ERG testing could soon become a reality.”

RETeval Complete is a handheld electrophysiology-based functional screening device that utilizes skin electrodes (or corneal electrodes, if desired).  With minimal training almost any health care professional can use RETeval Complete, a world class device with testing capabilities and performance characteristics equivalent to large-scale ERG systems.

LKC Technologies will be showcasing RETeval at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) meeting in Denver on May 3-6, at booth 1903.


When vision issues impact your everyday life, LKC Technologies is here to help. Building on over 40 years of experience in the visual electrophysiology field, our flagship product, the RETeval™ device is transforming the industry for adults and children alike. Eye care professionals and researchers around the world are talking about this revolutionary handheld ERG device from LKC Technologies. Offering full flash and flicker ERG and VEP testing to gather objective, functional data within minutes, the RETeval™ device brings comprehensive electrophysiology technology to any office or clinical setting. LKC Technologies is committed to developing innovative products that lead to the preservation and treatment of sight. LKC Technologies: Vision Defined™. Visit for more.