New Protocol Offers More Accurate Testing of the Inner Retina for Research and Clinical Use

GAITHERSBURG, MD, May 22, 2017LKC Technologies announced an innovative new test function set available now with its handheld RETeval device.  With the option to run an extended-duration stimulus to include ultra-low distortion sinusoids and ramps, the RETeval device continues to be the most advanced full flash electroretinogram (ERG) and visual evoked potential (VEP) testing device on the market today.

The new test protocols can generate:

  • ultra-low distortion sinusoidal waveforms, with a harmonic distortion less than 1%
  • light waveforms that are ramped for on-ramp and off-ramp stimuli

“The RETeval device can use these stimuli to measure ERG/VEPs and pupil responses,” said LKC Technologies’ VP of Operations, Quentin Davis, PhD.

“Regarding pupil responses, brief flashes are commonly used in pupil response tests in research and clinical use; however, when a patient blinks during or immediately after a flash, it’s often difficult to determine how that impacts the test results. Low-frequency sinusoids and ramps can be used to look at the pupillary response without these issues. Sinusoidal stimuli can be generated with LKC’s patented Troland-based technology for providing consistent retinal illumination independent of pupil size.”

“Regarding ERG responses, the harmonics of flicker ERG test results elicited from a sinusoidal light stimulus originate in the inner retina, and therefore may prove useful in isolating inner retinal function for the detection or monitoring of diseases affecting the inner retina, such as glaucoma or optic neuropathy.  Having low harmonic distortion such as the RETeval’s sinusoidal stimuli are critical in this application. ERGs elicited from on-ramp and off-ramp stimuli can be used to isolate the on- and off-responses of the retina, which are differentially affected in diseases such as congenital stationary night blindness.”

The RETeval device is FDA approved and used worldwide for research on rodents, pigs, monkeys, and for human use. The device includes full-function flash test functionality and ISCEV-standard protocols. Its portability makes it easy to work between multiple sites, and the device features the same functionality, repeatability, and quality standards that are found in LKC’s UTAS systems.

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