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September is Healthy Aging Month® an annual health observance that focuses attention on the positive aspects of aging and creates awareness about the importance of starting healthy routines, habits, and treatments that will help you be a younger you.

According to the National Eye Health Education Program created by the NIH, more than 41 million Americans are currently age 65 or older, and this number is expected to grow over the next 30 years to more than 88 million, as well as the number of older adults with age-related eye diseases is expected to double.

While vision loss is not always caused by growing old, certain eye diseases resulting in vision issues are more common in older adults. These diseases include age-related macular degeneration, cataract, diabetic retinopathy (DR), glaucoma, dry eye, and other ischemic eye diseases.

It is important to be able to recognize symptoms typical of vision deterioration due to aging. For this reason, we want to provide you with some of the most common symptoms:

  • Losing focus, making it harder to focus vision up close.
  • Having trouble distinguishing colors.
  • Needing more light to see well and more time to adjust to changing levels of light.

If you recognize and see one or some of these symptoms in yourself, or any over 50 individual, it might be the right time to visit an eye doctor.

At LKC Technologies, our mission is to assist eyecare professionals preserve sight, utilizing the latest in technology to perform painless, objective and effective diagnostic tests.

LKC’s RETeval® can perform a full-field flash electroretinogram (ERG) test, which measures the retina’s electrical response to light. Retinal responses are impacted in the strength and the timing of the response providing the healthcare professional with significant information on the function of the various cellular layers of the retina.

An ERG obtained by using the RETeval® device provides professionals with an immediate objective measurement of retinal function and can aid in monitoring the success and evolution of the treatment in older adults being treated with anti-VEGF injections, which are commonly used by professionals to treat AMD, DR, DME, and other ischemic diseases such as vein occlusions of the eye.

According to the American Society of Retinal Specialists (ASRS), anti-VEGF drugs are being used to treat almost every retinal condition as these drugs help to arrest or slow the progression of many eye diseases.

Adults over the age of 50, who are experiencing any of these symptoms should have a comprehensive eye examination.

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