Since 1976, LKC Technologies established itself as the industry leader in visual electrophysiology products.

With the introduction of the RETeval® device, the world’s first and only hand-held, battery powered, portable and non-invasive device for use on dilated or non-dilated patients, LKC has brought the latest in technology and electrophysiology to over thirty major eye hospitals in the United States.

LKC’s RETeval is perfect for pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients alike. The device can be used with the patented non-invasive LKC’s Sensor Strips, providing improved patient comfort and faster testing time. The RETeval device is FDA cleared and offers integrated age-adjusted reference intervals ranges based on a 500+ patient clinical trial, which provides valuable input to physicians to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of ophthalmic disorders.

According to Dr. Kara Khalatbari, MD (US Retina member) in the Charlotte NC area, the RETeval device and electrophysiology is a “game changer” for his practice. Dr. Khalatbari uses this device on patients with diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, glaucoma, inherited retinal degeneration, CRVO, and other ophthalmic disorders.

During our latest US Retina webinar -Implementation, Use and Benefits of Electrophysiology in a Busy Practice-, he highlighted how easy it was to train his technicians on how to operate the device and to assist in the interpretation of the test results with no impact to patient flow. He also mentioned how this device adds a full and objective functional assessment of the patient and helps him to determine a comprehensive timeline for a patient’s future visit.

“As a cataract surgeon, this device provides me with the data I need to decide which surgical intervention to do”

-Dr. Dara Khalatbari, MD