Cleaning instructions and special offer for RETeval® portable, handheld ERG from LKC

LKC Technologies would like to remind owners of the RETeval handheld ERG that all surfaces of the device can be cleaned and disinfected between patients using alcohol wipes that meet the recommended COVID-19 alcohol content guidelines.  It is safe to use alcohol wipes on all surfaces of the RETeval device, including the eye cup, the electrode cable, the inside of the Ganzfeld bowl, and all outside surfaces of the device.  Do not use hand sanitizers on your RETeval device.  For detailed instructions on how to clean and disinfect your RETeval please visit here.

For those patients that require ERG monitoring of the retina, the RETeval is the only handheld, portable, non-mydriatic ERG that can be taken to the patient, eliminating the need for cleaning of additional rooms.  Using the Sensor Strip skin electrodes with RETeval makes the testing completely non-invasive, nothing touches the eye.  Embedded normative data, color-coded results, available interpretation guide, and coding guide facilitate the use of this device in your practice

LKC is offering a special financing promotion on the RETeval with no payments for 12 months followed by a 3-year lease term.

Please contact LKC Technologies if you require any assistance – 301-840-1992 or