Another step in making functional diagnostics accessible to all clinicians leading to faster diagnosis of complex eye diseases

GAITHERSBURG, MD, July 29, 2020LKC Technologies is pleased to announce that the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa) has granted approval of the RETeval® device and LKC Technologies’ Sensor Strips skin electrodes, making this a significant advancement in the preservation and enhancement of sight for patients in Brazil. LKC is collaborating with Centro Médico Logístico (CML) to provide physicians with broader access to LKC’s RETeval® device, which is in extensive use throughout the world at leading clinics as well as in physician offices and has been cited in sixty peer-reviewed publications.

“The Brazilian approval of the RETeval® device and the Sensor Strip skin electrodes is a landmark moment for both LKC and the ocular health of the Brazilian population from big cities to the most remote of locations. Building on its history, LKC is driven to make functional diagnostics available to all clinicians aiding in faster and more accurate diagnosis of complex eye diseases.,” said Jim Datovech, President of LKC Technologies. “We are grateful for the dedication of CML and the LKC team for their extraordinary commitment to make this approval a reality.”

The RETeval® device is the first completely portable, handheld, functional diagnostic device for medical professionals to assess patients with diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, CRVO, pediatric nystagmus, inherited diseases, and much more. Its patented, built-in pupillometry enables achieving highly reliable results without the need for dilation. LKC’s patented disposable Sensor Strips enable safe and accurate testing that is easier for both the operator and the patient.  LKC’s Sensor Strips are easy to apply and comfortable for patients, which is particularly helpful in the pediatric market and where the use of corneal electrodes is not possible.  The ease of cleaning, portability, and non-invasive testing allows for the continuation of testing even during the current pandemic.2020_LKC-Brazil-Press-Release-07292020


With over 40 years in the industry, LKC is transforming the accessibility of electroretinography testing in any office or clinic setting. From the full function UTAS system to its remarkable handheld RETeval® device, LKC is committed to aid in the preservation and treatment of sight throughout the world.

For more information on the RETeval® device or Sensor Strips, contact LKC at or visit for more details.