Learn more about LKC products, including the RETeval® device by viewing the videos in our library. Whether used for research or clinical use, the RETeval and RETevet devices are transforming the visual electrophysiology field.

  • LKC RETeval® Device – Accessible ERG Testing (2 min.)

  • Overview of the RETeval device capabilities as related to research by Dr. Quentin Davis (19 min.)

  • Overview of RETeval DR Protocol (available outside of the U.S. only) (5 min.)

  • Dr. Omar Mahroo – Studies in the TwinsUK cohort on heritability, preliminary studies on Birdshot Uveitis , Autism spectrum disorder, and ABCA4 retinopathy (Stargardt) (20 min. + Q&A)

  • Dr. Steven Silverstein – Flash Electroretinogram (fERG) Findings in Schizophrenia (21 min. + Q&A)

  • Dr. Randy Kardon – Reduction of the Photopic Negative Response of Retinal Ganglion Cells in Optic Neuropathy: Assessment Using a New Portable Handheld Device (16 min. + Q&A)

  • Demo of RETevet device in use at veterinary practice (3 min.)

  • Demo of RETeval device in use for pediatrics (2 min.)

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