Effective January 1, 2019, the CMGS (color) and MGS-2 (white) Mini-Ganzfeld Stimulator products are no longer offered for sale.

Device maintenance and support will be offered until December 31, 2025 or 7 years after the purchase date of the product, whichever comes sooner.

These handheld ganzfeld flash stimulators work well for small children and many animals. Both provide ISCEV-compliant flash ERG stimuli. The CMGS-1 also allows colored flash and background, and extended-duration flashes for measuring ERG on-off responses. Used with LKC’s UTAS systems, it’s a truly portable solution for the operating room.

CMGS-1 (Color) and MGS-2 (White) Mini Ganzfeld Stimulators

Testing the most difficult patients is now much easier, especially infants and small children. Its compact, heavy-duty design makes it ideal for use in the clinic, laboratory or operating room. It is also excellent for use on a variety of animal species whose faces will not fit into a conventional ganzfeld.

Design Features

  • ISCEV compliance in a small form factor
  • Lightweight – handpiece weighs < 600 g
  • Works with UTAS electrodiagnostic testing system
  • Tests one eye at a time


  • Flash intensity to +10 dB (CMGS-1) or +5 dB (MGS-2)
  • Flicker stimuli to 60 Hz