The Only FDA Cleared Non-Mydriatic Flash & Flicker ERG/VEP Device

The RETeval® device is opening up access to functional information through visual electrophysiology testing in a whole new way. The device is the first completely portable, handheld, full field flash ERG and VEP testing device for medical professionals. Get the full picture of patient eye health with non-invasive, effective and reliable testing – leading to better patient care and outcomes. Download the brochure.

Perfect for pediatric patients and adults alike, the RETeval device offers valuable information for a more effective diagnosis and monitoring of vision-threatening diseases. Integrated age-adjusted normative data (reference intervals) provide valuable input to physicians to aid in the interpretation and assessment of patient test results.

LKC’s trusted technology is ISCEV-compliant, FDA cleared, and CE marked. For international customers, the device features an exclusive DR protocol to make testing for diabetic retinopathy fast, easy, and effective. See more on the RETeval Flicker here.

Advanced Testing for All Your Needs

  • Integrated age-adjusted reference data.
  • User interface available in 14 languages.
  • Designed for use with LKC’s Sensor Strip electrodes for patient comfort.
  • Recalibrates light levels at the beginning of every test to ensure long-term consistency of results.
  • Non-mydriatic testing by adjusting light levels based on pupil size with real-time pupillography.

For the Researcher:

  • Access to the raw measurements as well as processed data.
  • Customize protocols with sinusoidal, square, ramp, and brief-flash stimuli.
  • RFF Extractor tool for exporting cursor values, electrical and pupil waveforms and more.

For the Clinician:

  • In-lane testing doesn’t require dedicated space in your space constraint facility.
  • Immediate results on the device or in PDF report.
  • Pediatric testing without sedation.

Dara Khalatbari
Dara Khalatbari

General Ophthalmologist

“The RETeval has been a game changer for my practice and I use it on about 10-15 patients with general retinal diseases and glaucoma everyday across our 6 RETeval units in our 6 office sites. I cannot recommend the device more highly for your practice”

- On RETeval® Device

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Dara Khalatbari, MD - General Ophthalmologist
Pamela Weber, MD
Pamela Weber, MD

General Ophthalmologist, Island Retina – NY, USA

“We use the RETeval device to screen the patient as soon as they walk in the door, and then we test them every year to see what’s going on and see how the function of the retina is changing. This device is revolutionary and provides objective and easy to interpret information in a way that can’t be obtained from any other device”

- On RETeval® Device

Pamela Weber - General Ophthalmologist, Island Retina – NY, USA
Melanie Schmitt
Melanie Schmitt


“We have been very pleased with the RETeval. It has changed the way that we practice and has allowed us to significantly decrease the amount of EUAs with ERGs we perform. Furthermore, it has resulted in earlier diagnosis of patients with inherited retinal degenerations.”

- On RETeval® Device

Melanie Schmitt, MD - University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
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