Simple Electrodiagnostic Testing for Animals

The RETevet device offers an intuitive interface that allows veterinary ophthalmologists and researchers to perform electroretinograms (ERGs) to measure animal’s retinal function. The built-in infrared camera allows medical professionals to see the eye in real-time during testing, and the internal photometer offers self calibration before every test – ensuring fast, accurate, and repeatable results.

Veterinary Ophthalmologists

  • Safety and efficacy is assured to keep animals protected
  • The only handheld, portable device making ERG testing simple
  • Intuitive user interface for easy adoption in any practice
  • No need for external filters for dim flashes
  • Real time, professional quality reports to share with pet owners

Animal Researchers

  • Accessible, handheld & portable for easy testing anywhere
  • FDA cleared quality
  • Quick, high volume results
  • New RFF Extractor available for exporting bulk data
  • Easy to train research staff

“The ability to visualize the animal’s eye throughout the entire procedure ensures proper electrode placement, more accurate testing, and minimal downtime between patients.”

– Frank J. Frassetto III, ACHE, BSHM, CRT., Chief Operating Officer, Eye Care for Animals