Simple Electrodiagnostic Testing for Animals

The RETevet device offers an intuitive interface that allows veterinary ophthalmologists and researchers to perform electroretinograms (ERGs) to measure animal’s retinal function. The built-in infrared camera allows medical professionals to see the eye in real-time during testing, and the internal photometer offers self calibration before every test – ensuring fast, accurate, and repeatable results.

Veterinary Ophthalmologists

  • Safety and efficacy is assured to keep animals protected
  • The only handheld, portable device making ERG testing simple
  • Intuitive user interface for easy adoption in any practice
  • No need for external filters for dim flashes
  • Real time, professional quality reports to share with pet owners
  • The RM Electrode™ – Canine Multi-Use, used with your RETevet device, decreases test time and increases your patient’s comfort – See more

Animal Researchers

  • Accessible, handheld & portable for easy testing anywhere
  • FDA cleared quality
  • Quick, high volume results
  • New RFF Extractor available for exporting bulk data
  • Easy to train research staff

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Dr. Robert J. Munger, DVM, DACVO
Dr. Robert J. Munger, DVM, DACVO

Animal Ophthalmology Clinic, Ltd

“I added the RETevet device to my practice because of the ease of use, portability, and ability to get repeatable test results. In my experience, LKC products have less variability in test results, making the RETevet perfect to use between my practice locations to get the same results for all our patients. In my mind, the RETevet is superior to other systems in the field, both with respect to accuracy and reproducibility, and with an ease of interpretation that is surpassed by none.”

- On RETevet

Dr. Robert J. Munger, DVM, DACVO - Animal Ophthalmology Clinic, Ltd
Martí Cairó Font
Martí Cairó Font

Ophthalmologist, Hospital Veterinari Canis. Girona, Spain

I enjoy the RETevet’s ease of use and portability. The first time I started the device I was able to perform an ERG with no help at all from LKC. We are now performing ERG tests with RETevet in patients with no sedation at all if it is indicated or owner denies sedation

- On RETevet

Martí Cairó Font - Ophthalmologist, Hospital Veterinari Canis. Girona, Spain
Kaisa Wickström
Kaisa Wickström

Veterinarian, Kamu Oy – Oulu, Finland

“As someone not familiarized with ERG, I was surprised with how easy it is to perform ERG tests with the RETevet. The real time view of the patients eye during testing and the way the device monitors electrode connection allows me to control all crucial parameters for successful measurement.  I can perform most of the light-adapted tests without sedation of anesthesia with ease due to the fast and efficient testing protocols.”

- On RETevet

Kaisa Wickström - Veterinarian, Kamu Oy – Oulu, Finland