Amplified Animal Research

UTAS with BigShot™ offers researchers the most capable animal ganzfeld on the market. Perform flash ERG (with option to add pattern testing) with ease on any small-to-medium sized animal. Adding to its flexibility, BigShot can also be used for human clinical research as well as veterinary clinic use.

With over 40 years of electrophysiology experience, amplification with LKC’s digital biomedical amplifiers allows faithful reproduction of every nuanced recording.

Dr. Robert J. Munger
Dr. Robert J. Munger


I have been a loyal LKC customer for over 20 years. I started with the UTAS system for ERG testing to determine not just surgery candidacy for patients with cataracts, but also to thoroughly evaluate retinal function in cases with retinopathy and vision loss.

Animal Ophthalmology Clinic, Ltd.

Key Specifications:

  • Flash stimuli from -50 dB to +4 dB in any color
  • Total flash range from -75 dB to +25 dB in 1 dB steps
  • Background luminance 0.005 to 1000 cd/m² in any color
  • Great for small- to medium-sized animals and humans
  • ISCEV Standard ERG / EOG / VEP
  • Double flash, On/Off, S-Cone, photopic negative response, scotopic threshold response ERGs
  • BigShot™ Color LED Ganzfeld
  • UBA-4204 Digital Biomedical Amplifier

BigShot Features:

  • Latencies and amplitudes of ISCEV standard ERGs match results from legacy LKC products. No need for new normative data.
  • 3 red EOG fixation LEDs in ±15° horizontally. Brightness adjustable over 20 dB range in 256 steps.
  • Uses Red (627 nm), Green (530 nm), Blue (470 nm), Amber (590 nm) and white LEDs and Xenon flash.
  • Flash luminance range of 100 dB (+25 dB to -75 dB) in 1 dB steps.
  • Xenon flash luminance of 2.5 – 800 cds/m² (0 dB to +25 dB).
  • LED flash luminance of 2.5 10-5 – 6 cds/m² (-50 dB to +4 dB) in any arbitrary color. LED flash luminance of -75 dB to +12 dB in white.
  • Flash duration <5 ms.
  • Background light from 0.005 to 1000 cd/m in 0.01 dB increments in any color; In white as low as 10-6 cd/m²
  • Flicker stimuli to +10 dB; 1 Hz repetition rate for intensities > +10 dB
  • Long duration flash (On/Off response) stimuli programmable to 6.5 seconds in 5 ms increments, adjustable intensity and chromaticity.
  • OPTIONAL: Multifocal ERG – Multifocal VEP option utilizing long m-sequences. See more here.
  • OPTIONAL: Fully isolated Trigger In and Trigger Out signals for interfacing to other equipment