Gold Standard in Visual Electrophysiology 

UTAS SunBurst™ Offers the World’s Brightest and Most Capable Ganzfeld

With over 40 years of electrophysiology experience, LKC’s SunBurst product line offers the ultimate experience for physicians and patients in a small, lightweight and easy to use system. Conduct full ISCEV-compliant electroretinograms (ERGs), visual evoked potential (VEPs) tests, and electro-oculogram (EOGs) tests.

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Key Specifications

  • Flash stimuli from -50 dB to +11 dB in any color
  • Total flash range from -75 dB to +30 dB in 1 dB steps
  • Background luminance 0.005 to 4000 cd/m² in any color
  • ISCEV Standard ERG / EOG / VEP
  • Double flash, On/Off, S-Cone, photopic negative response, scotopic threshold response ERGs
  • SunBurst™ Color LED Ganzfeld
    • Lightest, brightest, most capable
  • OPTIONAL: Multifocal ERG – Multifocal VEP option utilizing long m-sequences. See more here.
  • Dark adaptometry option
  • GLP (21CFR11) Compliance Pack option
    • Allows compliance with FDA electronic recordkeeping requirements
    • Enables electronic data submission to FDA

All specifications subject to change.