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New UTAS SunBurst™

The new UTAS SunBurst™ system offers the world’s brightest and most capable ganzfeld LKC’s SunBurst product line offers the ultimate...

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The Only FDA Cleared Non-Mydriatic Flash & Flicker ERG/VEP Device The RETeval® device is opening up access to functional information through visual...

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New UTAS BigShot™

AMPLIFIED ANIMAL RESEARCH The new UTAS with BigShot™ offers researchers the most capable animal ganzfeld on the market. Perform flash...

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RETeval Flicker®

Portable ERG Testing At Your Fingerprints The RETeval® device is opening up access to functional information through visual electrophysiology testing in a whole new way....

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Simple Electrodiagnostic Testing for Animals The RETevet device offers an intuitive interface that allows veterinary ophthalmologists and researchers to perform electroretinograms...

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