“The handheld and portable nature of the device made it easy to bring to multiple office locations. We were able to test many patients at once, and gathering information was seamless for our technicians and patients. We have been able to see more patients and get better information on their retina function since acquiring the RETeval device last year. Our patient profile is improved since we are bridging the gap between structural and functional information, allowing us to see a full picture of eye health.”

– Retinal Specialist Robert Feig, MD, Brooklyn Eye Center

“The RETeval  device brings my practice a truly portable, easy to use ERG solution. We have the option of obtaining a standard ERG with skin electrodes or corneal electrodes. We were impressed with the ease of acquisition, the quality of the automatic reporting function and the affordability. The ability to download reports into our EMR facilitates timely record keeping and communication with referring doctors. We appreciate the overall quality of the device.”

– Dr. Monique Leys, MD EBO, West Virginia University Eye Institute

“Our organization has implemented the RETevet device at multiple locations. The ability to visualize the animal’s eye throughout the entire procedure ensures proper electrode placement, more accurate testing, and minimal downtime between patients. The device has significantly less background interference which allows our patients to be tested without sedation. These features enable our staff to test more animals in an affordable manner. We are impressed with the performance and capability of LKC’s RETevet device.”

– Frank J. Frassetto III, ACHE, BSHM, CRT., Chief Operating Officer, Eye Care for Animals

“I have been a loyal LKC customer for over 20 years. I started with the UTAS system for ERG testing to determine not just surgery candidacy for patients with cataracts, but also to thoroughly evaluate retinal function in cases with retinopathy and vision loss. I added the RETevet device to my practice because of the ease of use, portability, and ability to get repeatable test results. In my experience, LKC products have less variability in test results, making the RETevet perfect to use between my practice locations to get the same results for all our patients. I also took advantage of the fact that LKC could help me create customizable testing protocols for my practice needs, including a scotopic patient test set. The device is a great addition to my ERG testing capabilities, and the combination and comparability of the UTAS and RETevet systems give my practice capabilities that exceed those of many practices. It provides the optimal results for my patients and their owners with a convenience that is unparalleled. I am confident that our testing is the best in our area. LKC’s great customer service and commitment to quality have kept me as a repeat customer for decades. In my mind, the RETevet is superior to other systems in the field, both with respect to accuracy and reproducibility, and with an ease of interpretation that is surpassed by none.”

– Dr. Robert J. Munger, DVM, DACVO, Animal Ophthalmology Clinic, Ltd.