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Our webinars cover different and essential topics for practitioners within all levels of knowledge about ERGs and the RETeval device. These webinars offer tips and comprehensive information on why electrophysiology and LKC’s systems and devices are the perfect solution for you.

See below for links and videos of the presentations and see for yourself how LKC can change your practice!

Non-Sedated Pediatric ERG Testing in Your Office with the RETeval device presented by Dr. Victor Pegado

Pediatric webinar flyer

Improving Premium Cataract Surgery Outcomes with the RETeval device presented by Dr. Dara Khalatbari

Easy Retina Function Testing: Why ERG is crucial in your veterinary practice?

Ideas for Effective Infection Protection with Dr. Igor Kozak, Moorfields Eye Hospital Center

Dr. Igor Kozak of Moorfields Eye Hospital (Abu Dhabi) shares his thoughts on bringing #portable devices like RETeval to the patient during these critical times.

Adding ERG/VEP testing to your optometric practice – Dr. Craig Thomas (81 min.)

Implementation, Use and Benefits of Electrophysiology in a Busy Practice

Co-Hosted: LKC Technologies & US Retina

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