When patients encounter vision problems, or you see some anomalies in their eyes, you want to get to the bottom of the cause, fast. Eye care professionals and researchers around the world use visual electrophysiology to go beyond imaging of the retina, allowing medical professionals to more effectively assess, diagnose, and treat vision threatening diseases. Changes in retinal function typically precede damage seen through funduscopy or imaging. Visual electrophysiology lets the physician “see” the root cause of structural anomalies or unexplained vision issues to really understand function of the retina, visual cortex, and beyond.

LKC Technologies is driven by a desire to develop innovative visual diagnostic medical devices that aid in preventative and interventional health care in the ophthalmology market. LKC is dedicated to supporting medical professionals and making ERG testing available for everyone.

Functional ERG testing is not widely available due to the high cost, space, training, dilation, and corneal electrodes required on traditional ERG systems. The LKC UTAS system is used in hundreds of locations around the world, every day. The challenge is that these centers typically have two to three month wait times, and require patients to travel long distances. These center based systems have their place for clinical and research use and LKC is proud to serve this market as it has since 1976.

LKC also realized that practicing physicians needed a better way to assess their patients. The RETeval® device is that better way.  This is a full-function, ISCEV-compliant flash ERG and flash VEP system that provides equal or better performance and results to any commercial system available anywhere. It is a “real “ ERG system.  Testing can be done in any setting by a professional with minimal training and achieve consistent results.  There is now a truly better way to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of your patients without dedicating space, without inordinately disrupting your patient flow or your staff efficiency.

LKC’s patented technology has been demonstrated as an effective tool in providing objective, functional information to eye care professionals, allowing them to make more informed decisions about appropriate and timely treatment to prevent vision loss.

Whether research or clinical care, LKC Technologies understands its customers and provides the right tools to understand and get fast results when it comes to eye health.