Dedicated to Preserving Sight Through Enhanced Diagnostics

LKC Technologies was founded in 1975 by Jerome Leight, Sigmund Krassowsky, and Frank Chen; hence, the initials LKC. Its first device was a telemetry in-hospital monitoring system for cardiac patients. In early 1976, LKC was introduced to a new device for the diagnosis of retina and optic nerve disease. This was the infancy of the Visual Electrodiagnostic Testing System.

In 2002, LKC Technologies was bought by its current owners, Jim Datovech and George Barstis. They saw the vision and opportunity that this technology had to offer the ophthalmic market. Today, LKC is leading the visual electrophysiology field. In 2013, RETeval® was introduced to the market to bring full field flash ERG/VEP testing closer to the patient, regardless of the clinical setting. This transformational, hand held device redefined ERG testing, offering medical professionals the ability to quickly gain insight into retinal and optic nerve function with immediate results to assist in the diagnosis of various vision diseases.

A Trusted Partner

LKC’s core values are to be impactful, valuable, efficient, and scientifically-sound. All LKC products are safe and effective, and held to the highest standards of compliance to applicable regulatory requirements and in meeting or exceeding customer service expectations. LKC takes quality management seriously from design and development to manufacturing and delivery. LKC’s electrophysiology systems are known worldwide for their accuracy of results and long life.  Many customers are still using systems shipped over 20 years ago.